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A full smile makeover service is a comprehensive dental solution to fixing a broken smile. If you suffer from a combination of multiple missing teeth, discolourment, gapping and fillings and feel like your smile is irreparable, then our full smile makeover service could be perfect for you.  

At our Edinburgh dental practice, we’ve fixed severely damaged smiles and transformed them into something that the patients themselves struggled to recognise. With the advancements of modern dentistry, no smile is beyond fixing. 

Give us a call today on 0131 229 7899 to find out more about our full smile makeover service and take a step towards a happier and healthier smile.  

What is a full smile makeover? 

A full smile makeover combines multiple dental treatments to fix a badly damaged smile. This can involve a wide range of treatment types, including: 

Unlike our regular smile makeover services, a full smile makeover will tackle issues with all or almost all teeth. If you are missing many teeth, even a full arch, a full smile makeover service can still help by using implants, crowns, bridges, dentures or a combination of all of these to replace them, leaving you with a full and healthy-looking smile that will last for decades if taken care of properly. 

The specific treatment used will depend on the condition of your mouth and your personal smile goals. Treatments will always be discussed in full with your Edinburgh dentist before any work is carried out.  

Who are full smile makeovers for? 

Full smile makeover treatment is an in-depth dental solution for patients with multiple dental issues. Unlike our mini smile makeover service, this service is for patients who have perhaps lost teeth, have multiple badly damaged teeth, severe discolourment or have multiple fillings, cracks, chips or gaps.  

The aim is to restore a broken smile into something the patient is proud to show off. We understand how upsetting a badly damaged smile can be and thus created our full smile makeover service to recreate the beautiful, natural smile that once existed. We want to help you, the patient, regain your confidence and allow you to eat, laugh and smile without any fear, worry self-consciousness 

Below you can see an example of our full smile makeover work to see the types of smiles we can fix.  

Smile Makeover - Full Mouth- 1 - Edinburgh Dentist Smile Makeover - Full Mouth- 2 - Edinburgh Dentist
CASE ONE | pic 1 (before) CASE ONE | pic 2 (after)








Smile Makeover - Full Mouth- 3 - Edinburgh Dentist Smile Makeover - Full Mouth- 4 - Edinburgh Dentist
CASE ONE | pic 3 (before) CASE ONE | pic 4 (after)







Smile Makeover - More Extensive - 5 - Edinburgh Dentist Smile Makeover - Full Mouth- 6 - Edinburgh Dentist
CASE ONE | pic 5 (before) CASE ONE | pic 6 (after)


As you can see in the above images, this patient had very tired and worn teeth which needed a complete makeover to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. We used a combination of 8 crowns, 12 tooth-coloured fillings and 4 dental implants to restore both the appearance and function.  

The difference is quite dramatic and we are very proud of the work carried out and the positive impact our dental team had on this man's life, in terms of confidence, appearance and functionality.  

Get in touch for a full smile makeover in Edinburgh 

If you feel like your smile is beyond fixing due to multiple dental issues and several missing teeth, our full smile makeover service is here to prove you wrong! 

Get in touch with our friendly team today and book an initial consultation to find out more about our full smile makeover service.  

Our dentists will answer all your questions and you can also discuss costs and payment plans, with the option of dental finance available.  

To book your smile makeover appointment, you can leave an online enquiry via our site or conveniently book an appointment online.  

You can also call our practice directly on: 0131 229 7899 

Or email us: smile@ssedinburghdentist.com

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