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Dental implants are a fantastic, reliable and permanent dental solution to replacing lost or missing teeth.  

If you have lost teeth due to injury or decay, or have suffered severe dental trauma which has left you with badly damaged, cracked or broken teeth, dental implants could be the solution you’ve been searching for.  

Due to the use of an artificial tooth root that is inserted directly into the jaw bone, dental implants are extremely sturdy and durable. They act just like natural teeth and will feel look, feel and function in the same way that a healthy tooth does.  

Dental implants are the ideal solution for restoring a broken or badly damaged smile. They’ll give you a chance to eat, smile and laugh freely and will be key in restoring confidence back into your smile.  

Get in touch with Stuart Steven Dental Practice in Edinburgh to book your initial implant consultation and take the first step towards repairing your smile.

Before & after dental implants


What are dental implants? 

A dental implant is a small part made of titanium which is placed in the jaw bone to replace the missing natural tooth root. The implant can be surgically inserted under local anesthetic on an outpatient basis. Titanium is generally well-tolerated by the human body and bone has been shown to bond well to titanium. 

Once healed, the artificial root, or implant, acts as a base for fixing individual crowns and multi-tooth bridges. The implant can also be used as an anchor for entire dental prostheses. 

How do dental implants work? 

A dental implant is the artificial tooth root that is surgically inserted into your mouth where the missing tooth once was. It is then completed by fitting a replacement tooth on top, usually in the form of a cap, crown or bridge. 

The dental implant procedure tends to be split into two separate operations: 

  1. The insertion of the titanium tooth root into the jaw bone 

  1. The placement of the artificial tooth on top once the mouth has healed from the initial procedure 

Over the course of several weeks the implant will knit painlessly with the jaw bone, thus forming a solid basis for the long-term and stable fixation of the denture.  

Once both operations have been completed you will be left with a sturdy and completely natural looking replacement tooth that will last for up to a lifetime, if cared for properly. With that being said, you will have to replace the replacement tooth every 5–10 years. 

Please note that not everyone is suitable for dental implants. The procedure requires a strong jawbone due to the invasive nature of the first operation. After your initial consultation, your Edinburgh implant dentist will take x-rays and scans to check that you are a suitable candidate for dental implants.  

Cost of dental implants in Edinburgh 

Due to their permanent nature and use of high-quality dental materials, dental implants are on the more expensive side of cosmetic dental treatments. The cost will vary for each patient and will depend on the amount of implants you require, as well as the amount of prep-work done for each implant.  

During your initial implant consultation, a broad cost will be discussed, however, a more detailed estimate and treatment plan will require a full assessment with appropriate x-rays and the possible use of a CT scan. These will incur the normal charges. 

Overall, a single dental implant can cost anywhere between £2000-4000. However, we do have some helpful finance options available so that you can spread the cost of your dental implant treatment, making it easier to manage.  

Book your free implant consultation today  

At Stuart Steven Dental Practice, we offer a short, free implant consultation for all patients who are interested in dental implants.  The consultation involves a short oral exam, a discussion regarding what treatment options may be suitable for your needs and what further information the clinic would require to go ahead with the implant treatment process. 

You can conveniently book your dental implant consultation online, or get in touch with our practice to find out more.  

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