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More Extensive Smile Makeover

If you are unhappy with the look and feel of your smile and are looking to achieve a beautiful new smile in a short period of time, our more extensive smile makeover service could be perfect for you.  

Smile makeovers are ideal for patients who have multiple issues that need addressing. Whether it’s a combination of teeth straightening and whitening, or whether you need multiple new crowns and bridges, we’ll work with you to decide on the most appropriate treatments that will leave you with a full and glowing smile that you’ll be confident in showing off.  

Give us a call today on 0131 229 7899 to enquire further about our mini smile makeover service. 

How do smile makeovers work? 

Smile makeovers use a combination of different treatments to fix areas of your smile that you are unhappy with. The goal is to correct multiple issues through a series of different dental works to create a perfect, healthy smile that last for many years to come.  

If you feel like a smile makeover is the best option for you to achieve a beautiful smile, your Edinburgh dentist will start by assessing your teeth to see which areas need the most attention. Your dentist will then work with you to decide on multiple treatment types that leave you a straight, even and dazzlingly white smile.  

Our more extensive smile makeover can involve all or a combination of the below treatments:

  • White fillings  

  • Cleans and polishes 

If you end up only needing one or two treatments to fix a few minor issues, we’ll recommend our mini-smile makeover service instead, allowing you to achieve the same fantastic results without the need for as many extensive treatments.  

On the other hand, if you need more work done, you can choose our full mouth smile makeover, the perfect option for severe cases where almost every tooth needs to be worked on.  

Patient examples of our more extensive smile makeovers 

Shown below are some examples of patients who have undergone our more extensive smile makeover service. Through the before and after images you can see for yourself the fantastic results our smile makeover treatments can achieve,  

In the two cases highlighted below the patient was unhappy with the space between their front teeth and wanted to brighten up and improve the overall look of their smile. 

In this first case, the patient had several old crowns and a bridge that were badly needing updated. We went to work removing the old crowns and replacing them with ones that matched her natural colour. We also replaced the old bridge giving her a strong and more complete smile overall.  


Smile Makeover - More Extensive - Before - Edinburgh Dentist Smile Makeover - More Extensive - Before - Edinburgh Dentist
CASE ONE | pic 1 CASE ONE | pic 2


Smile Makeover - More Extensive - After - Edinburgh Dentist Smile Makeover - More Extensive - After - Edinburgh Dentist
CASE ONE | pic 3 CASE ONE | pic 4


Case Two


This second example was another case where old, failing dentistry needed to be replaced. We used a combination of crowns, veneers and a dental implant to give the patient a fuller and stronger smile. This also removed the tired, worn appearance and allowed her smile to appear more natural and heathier.  

The new veneers helped even out the teeth and fill in unwanted gaps, as well as remove the yellow stains from the bottom arch. The new crowns and implant removed the browning stains that are present in the before image and gave a more durable and complete smile overall.

Smile Makeover - More Extensive - Before - Edinburgh Dentist Smile Makeover - More Extensive - After - Edinburgh Dentist
CASE TWO | pic 1 (before) CASE TWO | pic 2 (after)


Get in touch for a smile makeover consultation 

If you feel like your smile is beyond fixing due to multiple dental issues, our smile makeover service can help! 

Get in touch with out Edinburgh dental practice today so that we can book in a consultation to assess the different types of treatments needed to achieve your dream smile. You’ll have all your questions answered and we will also discuss costs and payment plans, with the option of dental finance available.  

You can leave an online enquiry via our site or conveniently book an appointment online.  

You can also call our practice directly on: 0131 229 7899 

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